SMOOTHHAIRED Ch. Grandgables Onyx Obsession - kennel Onyx Moravia
Admindac smoothhaired miniature (CAN)
Celeste Cascata smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
Cyberdachs smoothhaired standard, miniature (HU)
Diva Noire smoothhaired standard (HU)
Duchwood smoothhaired miniature (USA)
Dutch Dapples smoothhaired miniature (NL)
Dynadaux hladkosrstí miniaturní (US)
Kan Trace smoothhaired standard, miniature (HR)
Kokopelli smoothhaired standard, miniature (NO)
Magic of Morion smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
Magic Seven smoothhaired standard (CZ)
Obsidian Bohemia smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
of Diggin' Woods smoothhaired miniature (NL)
Ollf Amaize smoothhaired miniature (RU)
Orava Dream smoothhaired miniature (SK)
Perfect Painted smoothhaired miniature (NL)
Pannoniadachs smoothhaired miniature (AT)
Tergy  smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
Teriel smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
von der Lucilinenburg smoothhaired standard, miniature (LUX)
von Sbaritz smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
Wassa Duo smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
Ygeia smoothhaired miniature (SWE)
z Bludowitz smoothhaired standard, miniature (CZ)
z Horácova domku smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
z Hradu Homolka smoothhaired miniature (CZ)
z Tisovského háje smoothhaired standard (CZ)
z Raholin smoothhaired standard (CZ)
ze Zelené mýtiny smoothhaired standard (CZ)

LONGHAIRED Ich. Doris z Ostrožských jezer - kennel Anamsunamon
Amery longhaired standard (CZ)
Anamsunamon longhaired miniature (CZ)
Elimar Doubrava longhaired miniature (CZ)
Faimold's Oak longhaired miniature (CZ)
Daks-Veg-As longhaired miniature (RU)
Hafuschka longhaired miniature (CZ)
Klamap Debra longhaired miniature (CZ)
Naše poupátko longhaired miniature (CZ)
od Černé Sabinky longhaired miniature (CZ)
z Chotuckých alejí longhaired standard (CZ)
z Ostrožských jezer longhaired standard, miniature (CZ)
z Vochovny longhaired miniature (CZ)
ze Stoupovy chaloupky longhaired miniature (CZ)
Zsivany's longhaired miniature (NL)

WIREHAIRED MCH. Paris Bach du Graal - kennel Vitoraz
Czech Originál wirehaired miniature (CZ)
Kamenný potok wirehaired standard (SK)
Kobeddus wirehaired standard (AT)
od Nežárecké tůně wirehaired miniature (CZ)
od Vévody Huberta wirehaired standard, miniature (CZ)
Pavlo Napa wirehaired miniature (CZ)
Rosmery wirehaired miniature (CZ)
Valentinka wirehaired miniature (CZ)
Vitoraz wirehaired miniature (CZ)
Viva Moravia wirehaired standard (CZ)
z Písků wirehaired standard (CZ)
z Roštěnských boří wirehaired standard (CZ)
Zwi-Le-Ro wirehaired standard (CZ)

Ab Vedunia smoothhaired miniature, longhaired standard (AT)
de Llumo smoothhaired, longhaired, wirehaired miniature (ESP)
Gapro Bohemia smoothhaired, longhaired miniature (CZ)
Grand Amity smoothhaired, wirehaired standard (CZ)
Grandgables smoothhaired, longhaired miniature (CAN)
Horalka smoothhaired, wirehaired standard (CZ)
Od Vejprnického potoka longhaired, wirehaired miniature (CZ)
Password's smoothhaired standard, miniature, longhaired miniature (FR)
Petite Hot-Dog smoothhaired, longhaired, wirehaired miniature (FR)
Password's smoothhaired standard, miniature, longhaired miniature (FR)
Sundsdal's smoothhaired, longhaired, wirehaired miniature (DK)
van de Mibaf's Hoeve smoothhaired, longhaired, wirehaired standard, miniature (NL)
v.d. Stoofhoeve smoothhaired, wirehaired miniature (NL)
vom Rainerschlössl smoothhaired, longhaired, wirehaired standard, miniature (AT)
Z Dolního konce smoothhaired, wirehaired miniature (CZ)


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FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale


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