Our oldest girl Derry (C.I.B. Lassie Aischa) went peacefully over the rainbow bridge yesterday.
Our very first girl, dam of 3 litters in our kennel.
Our sweet Derry, rest in peace...




We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015!




We are happy to introduce the youngest member of our team, a standard smoothhaired female Beauty. She is the very first standard dachshund in the red brindle colour registered in CZ. She comes from the breeding of Ivo Butković from Croatia.
More info and photos here.




Our kaninchen female Edelweiss von Sbaritz was excellent 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB at the international show in Nitra today.
We have also received her Juniorchampion CZ title this week!




Naše králičí jezevčice Edelweiss von Sbaritz získala na dnešní mezi


The rest of the puppies from the litter S left for their new homes this week.
A red brindle female, Sunshine in Stripes Onyx Moravia, left for Luxembourg, where she joined the team of "von der Lucilinenburg" kennel:

A red female, Spice Girl Onyx Moravia left with her new owner to Příbor, where she was awaited by the female Jamaica Jungle Onyx Moravia:

A black/tan female, Sophisticated Sophie Onyx Moravia, lives in Letovice:




Puppies from litter S started to leave for their new homes this week.
A red male Simply Red Onyx Moravia was the first one to leave to Předměřice nad Jizerou:

The second one to leave was a red brindle male Sherlock Holmes Onyx Moravia, he found his new home in Liptovské Sliače in Slovakia:

Also a black/tan male, Slovak Design of Onyx Moravia, left for Banská Bystrica in Slovakia, where he was keenly awaited by his older brother Elegant Design of Onyx Moravia:




We are very sad to announce that our beloved Stefi - C.I.B. Kisjeszeni Rommy went over the rainbow bridge yesterday. There are no words to express how much we loved her and what she has meant to us. She became the founding female of our breeding and her name can be found in many Czech and foreign pedigrees. In her only litter she gave 4 puppies, 2 of them have provided her with 29 grandchildren, 81 great-grandchildren, 87 great-great-grandchildren and the youngest generation of 3 great-great-great-grandchildren (that we know of, probably there are many more).
Our sweet Stefi, rest in peace and keep an eye on all of your offsprings and friends who miss you very much. We will never forget you and will always be grateful for what you have done for our breeding!




New puppy photos
The puppies have been vaccinated, tattoed and chipped and they will start leaving for their new homes during the next week!



New puppy photos



New puppy photos
It is becoming impossible to take photos of a nest of snakes :)




We have taken part in two prestigious shows in Brno with heavy international competition and our offsprings haven't got lost:

European dog show 23.10.2014:
Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia - excellent 3
Edelweiss von Sbaritz - excellent 4

Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia - excellent 3

National dog show 24.10.2014
Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia - excellent 1, CAC
Edelweiss von Sbaritz
- excellent 1, CAC




New puppy photos




New puppy photos




New puppy photos




We are happy to announce that the litter S has been born on 19.9.2014!
Lucy gave birth to 6 puppies (3 males and 3 females) within 90 minutes!

More photos here




Our oldest dachshund lady Derry (C.I.B. Lassie Aischa) celebrates her 15th birthday today!!
We wish her much health!




We have taken part in the Bloodtrack trials with our youngest kaninchen female Edelweiss von Sbaritz today.
She has passed the trials in the 1st prize with 74 points.




We expect puppies (litter S) in the middle of September.
From the sire's side it is probably the very last litter, although he is in a great health even at the age of 12 years and still mates with great enthusiasm :)
From the dam's side it is the second litter, as she gave a big amount of 7 puppies in her first litter in 2012.
The puppies can be red, black/tan and brindle coloured.
If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, don't hestitate to contact us.




We are very pleased by the owners of our offspring Elegant Design of Onyx Moravia, who came for a visit after 10 years to show us their darling Felix, how he's been called.
Thanks to his owner's occupation he has travelled many countries, has lived in Portugal for 3 years and now he lives in Slovakia.
This male comes from the first litter of our veteran Bugatti and at the same time from the very first litter of Grand. (both 12 years) and we are very happy that he is in a great shape and care of his owners.




Our kaninchen female Edelweiss von Sbaritz was excellent 1, CAJC, Club winner 2014 and BOJ at the Dachshund club show in Jevíčko on 3.8.2014 and has fullfilled conditions for Juniorchampion CZ!

Our miniature offsprings have been shown for the first time - male Quality Brand of Onyx Moravia was excellent 2, res.CAC and became a breeding candidate,
Rhiannon Grace Onyx Moravia was very good 1

Quality Brand of Onyx Moravia
Quality Brand of Onyx Moravia




Since this summer, our garden has been improved of two training dens dedicated to our dachshunds, that were made by my skilled husband :)


The first den, of measures 12x10 and 12x8 cm was designed especially for kaninchen dachshunds,
the second one was designed for the dachshunds of all sizes.




Our youngest kaninchen female Edelweiss von Sbaritz was excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ and BOB at the national show in Mladá Boleslav today!




Our kaninchen female Edelweiss von Sbaritz was excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ and BOB at the international show Intercanis in Brno!




We have taken part in two International shows in Nitra - Nitracacib - the last weekend. After having been judged by two different judges we got the feeling that we showed not two, but four different dogs :-)

We were judged by Ľudmila Fintorová on Saturday and none of the 8 shown dogs in mini and kaninchen smooth breed haven't received any title. On the contrary, the results were mainly very good or good. Not even us haven't avoided the sharp criticism and as it's being said that everything is once for the first time, Que Sera Sera Onyx Moravia was good and Edelweiss von Sbaritz very good 1 :-)

We haven't been discouraged by this strict judging from showing our dogs on Sunday, when Mr. Tibor Havelka was judging. Sára was evaluated two degrees better and obtained excellent 1 with the titles CAC and res. CACIB and she has fulfilled the Champion SK title!

Edelweiss was doing also much better and she has obtained excellent 1, CAJC, Best junior, BOB and Derby Winner 2014!




Our Stefi (C.I.B. Kisjeszeni Rommy), one of the founding females of our kennel, celebrates her 14th birthday today!




New spring photos of our kaninchen females:

Que Sera Sera Onyx Moravia
Edelweiss von Sbaritz



Our kaninchen offspring Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia took part in the National show in Ostrava on 12.4.2014.
She was very successful as she got excellent 1, CAC, National winner, BOB!

She was also evaluated with the code: 2a/L/5-HLK, chest 29 cm, 3,60 kg and became a breeding candidate!


Our kaninchen female Edelweiss von Sbaritz took part in the Spring evaluation of the hunting dogs on Saturday with the following result:
Type - typical, Coloration - one-coloured, Strength of body: middle, Teeth: complete, Bite: correct, Quality of hair: standard, Character: peaceful, Chest: 30 cm, Eye colour: dark, Ears: normal, Nose: normal




We have spent the last February and sunny weekend at the Duocacib shows in Brno.

Our youngest kaninchen female Edelweiss von Sbaritz was very promising 1 in the puppy class both days.
Our kaninchen offspring Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia was very good 1 on Saturday, but she has improved her reputation on Sunday and won excellent 1, CAC, CACIB in the competition of the Russian champion female!
Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia Edelweiss von Sbaritz




We have started our this year's show season at the National show in Brno today.
Sara was excellent 1, CAC, national winner, BOB and IV.BOG!

She was successfully evaluated and became a brood bitch!