We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!




We took part in the International show Duonitradog in Nitra at the end of the cynological season. 
Our kaninchen female Que Sera Sera Onyx Moravia got excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB in the working class. 
Our youngest kaninchen hope, female Edelweiss von Sbaritz, was exhibited for the first time in the puppy class, got very promising and was very praised from the hungarian judge Jakkel Tamás.




Sara was confirmed Juniorchampion CZ on 06.11.2013




Two of our offsprings took part in the Dachshunds club show in Bratislava yesterday.
Kaninchen female
Pulp Fiction Onyx Moravia was very good 1, has been evaluated and because she has passed the hunting test of abilities in summer, she became a brood bitch!

Miniature male Queer as Folk Onyx Moravia was very successfull, he was excellent 1, CAJC, Youth Club Winner 2013 and BOB!



We took part in the Dachshunds club show in Prague yesterday.
Sara was shown in the youth class for the last time and she got excellent 1, CAJC, Youth Clubwinner and BOJ and fulfilled the conditions for Juniorchampion CZ!




We took part in another bloodtrack trials with Sara this Saturday. I couldn't help but remember the time 11 years ago, when I was passing my first Club bloodtrack contest with my first female, Lassie Aischa, at the very same place.
Sara was very brave, had better results in 3 disciplines when comparing with the last week and succeeded to pass the trials in the 2nd prize with 99 points!





Sara started her working career this weekend. Although this female is not 14 months old yet, she succeeded to pass the bloodtrack trials in the 3rd prize with 67 points. The trials were even more difficult for the kaninchen dachshund, because the bloodtrack was set in the field full of raspberry and blackberry bush and there were workers sawing down the trees in front of us.
Even though the judges were very strict this time, this cynological event was very successful not only for me, but also for my husband, who succeded with two of his offsprings - Borussia and Dorian von Sbaritz, both in the 2nd prize!





Our eldest female Derry (C.I.B. Lassie Aischa) is celebrating her 14th birthday today!
We wish her a lot of health!

We also took a picture of our other veterans:

Black & white dachshunds: Stefi + Bugatti + Derry

And of our whole gang:

ara + Lady + Stefi + Lucy + Derry + Bugatti + Agnetha




Sara was excellent 1, CAJC and BOJ at the National show in Brno today!




The puppies of our biggest litter Q are celebrating their 1st birthday today!
We wish all of them a good health and may they bring much joy to their owners!




Special dachshund show Jevíčko:
Sara was excellent 1 under a very strict Polish judge, Mr. Leszek Siejkowsi, at today's tropical noon



A few last pictures of the R-litter puppies before leaving for their new homes.
The only female, Rhiannon Grace Onyx Moravia, stays as our youngest hopeful.

We have red miniature puppies from Ch. Pannoniadachs Enzo x JCh. Agnetha Obsidian Bohemia:

More info HERE.



Two females from the Q-litter had their show debut at the International dog show in Brno today:

Que Sera Sera Onyx Moravia was excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ in the kaninchen size
Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia was excellent 2 in the miniature size

Que Sera Sera Onyx Moravia    Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia

Que Sera Sera + Queen of Hearts




New puppy photos




Stefi (C.I.B. Kisjeszeni Rommy) is celebrating her 13th birthday today!
We wish her a lot of health!


New puppy photos


Ch. Knight Rider Onyx Moravia sired two litters lately.
One from female Cassie Gapro Bohemia, who had 6 puppies (1 black/tan male, 1 brown/tan male, 3 black/tan females and 1 brown/tan female), 
another from female Poppy Child Pro-Euro, who had 4 black/tan puppies (3 males and 1 female).



New puppy photos

My Melancholy Blues Onyx Moravia passed the Hunting test of abilities in the 1st prize in the rainy weather today and fulfilled all breeding conditions!



We have puppies!
3 beautiful puppies were born from Honey Bunny on 28.04.2013 - 2 boys and 1 girl in black and tan colour.
First photos HERE

Bugatti, a grandmother of these puppies, is celebrating her 11th birthday today!
We wish her a lot of health!



We are expecting puppies of the Litter R at the end of April!
It is the repeating of our previous Litter K, from which comes very successful Ch. Knight Rider Onyx Moravia.
Expected colour of the puppies is black/tan and black/tan dapple with a choco gene.
And this is how the mother looks like about 14 days before whelping:


5 red and red brindle puppies (2 males and 3 females) were born in the Polish kennel "Hortikola" from our Ch. Pannoniadachs Enzo and dam Barka Ksiazecy Dwór.




We had a visitor - Quality Brand of Onyx Moravia - a very elegant, small miniature, full-teethed dog:





Livin' la Vida Loca Onyx Moravia was excellent 1, CAC at the Dachshund Club Show in Holýšov on 03.03.2013




New photos - Dorian von Sbaritz

Also photo of our brindle dachsies:

from the left: Sara, Lucy, Dorian 

...and one more multi-coloured:

from the left: Dorian, Dragonady, Stefi, Lucy, Agnetha... and Sara looking for something all the time :) 




New photos - Que Sera Sera + Queen of Hearts Onyx Moravia




Knight Rider Onyx Moravia came 1st in the Working trial cup of the Czech dachshund breeders club 2012!

6 puppies (3 chocolate/tan girls, 2 chocolate/tan boys and 1 black/tan boy) were born from him and Alfabeta Vives Bohemia in Rios Rosalia kennel! 

Que Sera Sera Onyx Moravia - new photos