1 female puppy, named Cinderella Lovely Pro-Euro, was born from kaninchen Ch. Kimberly v. St. Albanusberg in the kennel "Pro - Euro" on 01/10/2004.
Sire is Ch. Grandgables Onyx Obsession.
Breeder and owner: Miroslav Broz, Hencov
Cinderella is kaninchen.

Show successes of Cinderella: Best puppy, 2x very promissing 1, 3.BIS puppy, Juniorchampion LUX, Jugendbester, CAC-DTK (Landessieger)

Cinderella - 8 months  Cinderella - 8 months

Cinderella - 8 months  Cinderella - 6 months

Cinderella  Cinderella
Cinderella - 6 weeks Cinderella - 6 weeks
Cinderella Lovely Pro-Euro

Kimberly + Grand Grand + Kimberly
Wedding photo

ICh. Kimberly v. St. Albanusberg